It is with very broken hearts we have to say officially we are closed down for operations effective today Monday Sept 17, 2018. We are closed due to lack of financial support and also no volunteers.

Greater Moncton's Bed Donation Program

There is a lack of resources within the Province of New Brunswick for mattresses and box springs. People in poverty cannot afford to pay for mattresses and box springs. Many of our clients are starting out fresh whether it be a fire victim, a homeless individual coming off the stress or an individual that has been sleeping on the floors. We're addressing the fact that many people within New Brunswick do not have means to have a basic need met.

Big Hearts Small City Inc. started the development process of a new service called the “Bed Donation” program in late 2016. This program has started in collaboration with Sleep Country and we hope to announce more Canadian mattress companies or businesses to be on board for this in the future,

To request a bed in Greater Moncton area, contact us at 871-8920 , email or visit any charitable organization to have them request a Bed Request Form from us.

In June 2017 we finally got our donated van on the road.

See the amazing story of how this happened for us…

On March 24th I received a very special honor, a Paul Harris Recognition award. During my speech, I mentioned how we were in need of a truck or van to help us with our bed donation program and other things we use to help people in poverty and emergency situations.  The next day I received a call from Tim Trites, a Field Supervisor for NB/PEI with Office Interiors. They were aware of a van that was in Fredericton owned by a distributor with Office Interiors.  Tim made some calls and before you know it, it was donated to our charity. But it did need a lot of work. It was not even running.

Tim made a call to Moncton Chrysler Dodge, to see if they could help fix the van for us. We were totally amazed when we heard that Moncton Chrysler Dodge covered the entire cost of fixing the van, which was well over $10,000 to get the van on the road and be safe for us.  Including the van donation total donation is at least $14,000.00

  AMAZING work by Moncton Chrysler Dodge!!

Then, Taylor Ford did some specialized repair work (fully paid for by Moncton Chrysler Dodge),  Dynamic Towing, who helped with towing of the van around, from Fredericton to Moncton and all over Moncton while getting fixed.  Codiac Printing donated the graphics for the van.

Since November 2016 we have a donated warehouse space with the thanks to Atlantic Commercial Properties. We have a 1750 SQ cold storage warehouse to help us with this program.

Last but not least is the City of Moncton, We got a Quality of Life grant of $2000 which helped cover the cost of getting the van officially on the road with all other start-up expenses.

What we loved about this whole situation was how people and businesses worked together so well.  We do the same with so many charitable organizations around the province in helping people in NB.  Many hands make light work.

Now we need donations to keep this van going daily plus to help people in poverty and emergency situations in NB.

Thank you to all of our supporters!

This warmed our big hearts much more..