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Help us help our charity with our First Annual Jail N Bail
Friday May 18th 2018 10am to 3pm Lobby of

Moncton City Hall 655 Main St Moncton

Are you or someone you know guilty of singing in the shower? Driving in the fast lane? Talking baby talk to your pet? WELL, YOU DESERVE TO BE ARRESTED!

Participants should fill out Warrant Form their arrest (please make sure if it's for someone else, they would like to participate). DOWNLOAD FORM HERE

We want to keep this fun! You will be arrested upon arrival by Oulton College Police and Correctional Students,  then you report to our jail clerk, and you  charged and sentenced by our judge. Then spend time in solitary confinement (aka a custom Jail Cell) and start making arrangements for your bail.

Bail 'donations' can be made online or in person on event day.

Minimum bail is $100. But above that, you let us know what you think you can raise.

We'll provide you with posts you can put on your social media sites to start rallying support for your upcoming incarceration.Use hashtag #JailNBailMoncton.

Go to www.bigheartssmallcity.ca for additional details and warrant application.Your support in helping us in our charity work, in helping people in poverty and emergency situations such as fire victims.

Event Poster to print 8 x 11.5 in PDF

Thank you to our supporters for this event